At LAPO, we believe everyone deserves the right to a credit facility. Irrespective of your status, your desire for quick-support loan is what we are here to satisfy.

Be a Government worker: You should be employed and already working in one of the government public sectors in Nigeria. We are open to applications from Federal workers across the country and state workers within Lagos & Edo states.

Have an active Account: You need to provide your commercial bank account details. We need this to send your money to you should your loan request is approved.

Be of Age :18 years and above is the loan eligibility age.

Have valid IDs : We only need you to upload
(a.) Staff Id ,
(b.) Payslip, and
(d.) Passport photograph.

You deserve a chilled wine : ofcourse we care beyond the money we giving you. We want you to eat good food and stay healthy.